What We Mean by "The Collaboration Platform for Tech Square"

This post is the second in a three-part series. First in the series is here.

So what is Sandbox ATL today? I'm glad you asked. Last year, we framed it as a membership club because of our focus on the community network. But after a few months, we realized it wanted to be something different. It was more than a club and had different facets. But we couldn't put a finger on it without some searching.

Create Connections That Fuel Commerce

All of what we do is about creating connections that fuel commerce. Not connections for the sake of connections. Rather, connections that lead to someone finding a new job, creating a new company, attracting an investor, sparking a research idea, discovering a new collaborative partner, or seeing an existing problem in a new way that unlocks the solution. 

One of our Sandbox ATL community members, Peter Evans, has studied the emergence of the platform economy and was the first to make the observation Sandbox ATL had evolved into a platform. Platforms fall in between the market and the firm with a focus on several key functions, all which are about connecting individuals within a network of relations. 

If you are interested in diving deeper, you can devour the treasure trove of content Peter and his colleagues have created and assembles about the emerging platform economy. Here's a Global Survey, introductory video, webinar, and all of their posts and articles

As the collaboration platform for Tech Square, we create value three ways (above graphic courtesy of Peter):

Matching – connecting talent, companies, and universities
Interaction – facilitating engagements and exchange through a wide range of programs
Innovation – providing the physical and digital space for various parties to come together to generate new ideas and collaborations

As our team sat back and considered this idea, we realized it was dead on in describing Sandbox ATL. Think about the Tech Square Job Fair, the digital content we produce for TechSquareATL.com, and the events and experiences we organize for and with our community members. Our key partners nodded their heads emphatically and KP Reddy from The Combine suggested listing out the "technology stack" we offer to our partners. 

Partnerships Designed for Your Connections + Your Commerce

With every partner, we define up front the type of connections and the form of commerce they seek from collaborating with us. Then we look to the technology stock to determine how to best leverage our strengths and assets. That's why each partnership is different, not some cookie-cutter approach. If you're curious how this plays out, take a gander at our Partnership page to peruse the different Partner profiles.  

If you're interested in exploring this further, let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me. I'd enjoy discussing it with you. In any event, hopefully this post helps you understand better what Sandbox ATL has become.