Helping Students Level Up and Find Jobs

The biggest unfair advantage Tech Square has is its enormous aquifer of talent, thanks to Georgia Tech and several nearby universities and colleges. These talented students can achieve great things, just ask Silicon Valley.   

Since our founding, Sandbox ATL has focused on connecting these students to Tech Square's breakthrough companies - large and small. We've learned a lot through three Tech Square Job Fairs that attracted 1,900 job seekers, two years of community programming for the Square on Fifth (SQ5) community, and last year's Summer Intern Academy. 

Throughout all this, our objectives have been clear: give talent students the pathways to level up their skills and find meaningful jobs. Now, we're excited to announce a comprehensive student strategy to achieve these goals through two main programs:

Leveling Up

The Sandbox Academy helps students level up through hands-on life skills workshops, mentoring sessions with top notch leaders from various industries, and the chance to meet Tech Square folks through small-scale community events.

Every summer, fall, and spring, the Sandbox Academy will guide a new cohort of students through an accelerated personal growth experience. It starts with a miniseries of four weekly workshops taught by leaders from large corporations, startups, and consulting/creative agencies. You'll learn how to crush it from day one, know your strengths and chart your destiny, flip the job search in your favor, and how to find the right mentor. 

Once your cohort completes the miniseries, you'll have the opportunity to attend three mentor mashups over three weeks. Each mashup will introduce you to leaders from a variety of industries and sectors to give you a more complete perspective of the word. Each will share their personal journey and lessons learned throughout their careers, while taking time to answer your questions.

During this seven-week stretch, you'll also be asked to attend at least one Sandbox ATL community programs, which will give you the opportunity to meet more Tech Square folks. Choose from the weekly Power Meal, Hump Day Exchange, Honeywell Huddle, or other quirky Sandbox event.

When you've completed all three components - miniseries, mentor mashups, and community events - we'll gather you, your fellow cohort members, and everyone who helps out as faculty and mentors to a graduation celebration, complete with pomp, circumstance, and a diploma. 

The Summer Session cohort starts Monday, June 5 and is made possible in partnership with SQ5 and ATDC. Interested in being part of the journey? Just fill out this interest form and we'll let you know when registration officially opens.


Finding Meaningful Jobs

Since we launched our first semi-annual Tech Square Job Fair in March 2016, we've attracted 1,900 job seekers interested in meeting the breakthrough companies in and around Tech Square.

Each time, we've provided a "no suits, no resume, just you" experience that helped job seekers find match with companies offering meaningful part-time, full-time, and intern roles.  At our most recent big show, we helped match 678 job seekers to the 15 exhibiting companies seeking their skills. 

Building on the success of the big shows, we're developing a complementary series of intimate events to give job seekers and companies more opportunities to become better acquainted. Why not learn what it's like inside a variety of companies in the role you want to play? 

We'll have more to share on the front as we get into the fall season. In the meantime, mark your calendar now for the next Tech Square Job Fair big show set for Thursday, November 9.