Sandbox ATL Benefits

With over 1,200 members and growing, the Sandbox ATL community is the largest network of startup leaders, students, corporate innovators, and researchers at Tech Square. Want to be part of the “in” crowd at Tech Square? 

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In the Know

Looking to connect with people and events that could lead to your next big breakthrough? We’ve got you covered with our weekly update, featuring profiles, upcoming events, and the latest happenings.

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In the Book

Produced three times a year, The Book is the most comprehensive community resource for Tech Square. This online publication features the people, ideas, and companies found at the heart of Atlanta's tech scene.

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In the Mix

Enjoy access to The Garage and the opportunity to attend Power Meals, which bring 5-8 community members together to discuss thought provoking topics. Just choose from our topic library to find one most interesting to you.

Individual membership is $95 per month and student membership is just $35 per month. Both options are great values and can be cancelled it at any time.

Want to learn more about the regular events and programs you'll have access to as a Sandbox ATL community member? Here's a quick overview:


You are surrounded by some of the sharpest minds in technology. Wouldn't it be great to have an easy way to get connected?  The Power Meal is an excellent solution. These small, informal group discussions of 5-8 people are hosted by someone you'd want to meet and cover topics you'd like to discuss. Kind of like a book club, but without the books. There's at least one happening each week. 

This is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording. Each month, after sharing some food and drink (from an automated bartender, no less) we explore one topic from three perspectives. Each guest goes into the hot seat to talk with our host 1:1, then all three guests engage in a roundtable conversation. We end with questions from the live studio audience.

A hands-on event experience that starts with a deep dive by an industry leader on a selected topic. Then, attendees form groups to answer the key question posed in the deep dive and finish by presenting their solutions to everyone. Afterward, we'll assemble these ideas into a digital report to share with the rest of the community. Look for six of these in 2017.

Our quarterly science fair-style demo day focuses on a different emerging technology each time. Researchers, startups, students, and corporate innovation teams showcase their experiments on the main floor. In the middle of it all, 3 experts will each take the stage to give a five-minute Fast Forward talk about how the featured technology will impact our lives 3-5 years from now.