Do you want to pay it forward?

The Sandbox Academy is your opportunity to help students find their way in the world. The main benefit is the satisfaction of helping another human being.

Along the way, you'll find top notch talent who either can join your organization or will know other great prospects. But that only comes if you make the main benefit the main focus. 

The Sandbox Academy's Fall 2017 Cohort meets over a series of four Tuesday nights (Sept 12-Oct 3) from 5:30-8 pm. What would be required of you?

  1. Attend one of the first three weekly sessions (Sept 12, Sept 19, or Sept 26) AND
  2. Attend the final session on Tuesday, Oct 3 for the Mentor Mashup/Completion Ceremony 

Yes, I am interested in serving as a Sandbox Academy Fall 2017 Cohort mentor!

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