Who was part of the Summer 2017 Cohort?

Staff and Mentors

Dean: Susan Fonseca Lanham, co-founder of Singularity University, Women@TheFrontier, and SheWorks

Lead Mentor: Carrie Moore, innovation designer for Delta Airlines

Mentors: Representatives from ATDC, ATDC startups, Honeywell,  Keysight, AT&T Foundry, The Combine, Emerson, and other great organizations. 


Schedule of Events

Monday, June 5 

Miniseries: Crushing it from Day One - We start with your first collaborative challenge, the Tech Square scavenger hunt (hint: wear comfortable shoes). Once the teams have finished the course, we'll gather with five leaders from big companies and startups for a high-energy exploration of three big questions:

  1. What's it take to be a great team member?
  2. How do you deal with difficult people, politics, & problems?
  3. How do you attract and seize opportunities? 

Week 1: Mentors


Monday, June 12

Miniseries: Find and Use Your Strengths - "To thine own self be true", as the bard once said. You'll enjoy this doubleheader experience which starts with a deep dive into your Gallup StrengthsFinder results to help you better understand what makes you stand out. Then, serial entrepreneur and early stage investor, Ed Rieker leads a hands-on goal setting workshop that helps you chart a course for your future. 

Week 2: Mentors



Monday, June 19

Miniseries: Flipping the Search - Roger Lopez, CMO of BillMo and Guinness Book of World Record holder, teaches you the secret to making your LinkedIn profile pop. Then, join five leaders from big companies and startups for another high-energy exploration of three big questions this time related to job searches:

  1. How can you prepare to stand out? 
  2. How do you nail the interview?
  3. What can you do to finish strong in the follow-up?

Week 3: Mentors


Monday, June 26

Miniseries: Mentor Mixer - All of our mentors participating in Level 2 will gather together to share their most embarrassing moments at work. Once we get through that hilarity, you'll get a chance to spend a couple minutes with each of them, so you can decide who you'd like to connect with in July.

Week 4: Mentors


Summer 2017 Cohort Students